This pandemic has undeniably disrupted the social life of children, and adults alike, but for little ones learning about the world around them and connecting with their peers through play, it can be especially challenging. Driven by the inspiration to make our children enjoy playful moments and expand their world even when physical space is limited, GooZam recently launched a Call for New or in Good Condition Toy Donations for Christmas Gift Giving in the Philippines.

Almost a month into the donation call and we are completely overwhelmed by the generosity of our foreign kababayans from all over the world. With our promise to share the details of our donations with everyone who contributes, we are thrilled to say that despite such short notice, we were able to collect about 9 boxes of toys in just a month! There were toy trucks and cars, dolls, books, game boards, sports equipment, and arts and crafts, to name a few, that are currently making their way to the Philippines. To add more excitement, we have over a total of 73 barangays, comprising 78,000 households nominated to be recipients. That’s definitely something you should look out for. Who knows? Your barangay might be on the list.

The holidays can be a tough time for some, but something as simple as a toy can bring so much happiness and let children know how truly special they are. Children who would otherwise wake up with no presents to open on Christmas, will get to experience the excitement that comes at this time of the year. To have this generosity of the community bestowed on them is appreciated.

But our mission does not stop here. The number of barangay nominees and boxes of donations have been overwhelming, but all these won’t help unless someone takes action. With this, GooZam needs more volunteers to help us pack, sort, and distribute the toys.

Help us make sure that every child gets their present under the tree. Volunteer now!


Donation of Raspberry

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GooZam-Ready Launching

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