GooZam Portal

For A Smarter and Safer City

The GooZam Portal is the Super Platform catering the needs of

Emergency Organizations

Essential Good-producing and service-rendering Businesses

Delivery Services


achieved in one membership


Whenever an incident report is requested via the Goozam

App, the person in-charge in the GooZam Portal will

course through the request to the corresponding

department Fire, Hospital Ambulance, Police, Emergency

Responders, and DRRMO or wherever applicable.


GooZam empowers local business organizations with

potential to innovate and adapt to e-commerce in the

food and non-food industries. This is aimed to trained local

entrepreneurs and qualify their business to adopt

technologies such as the e-commerce in the 

GooZam Mobile App. 


GooZam will improve customer service by providing a 

reservation, scheduling and queing app for

essential services.


Aside from improvingthe mobile through the Goozam

Mobile App, Goozam will onboard individuals in the

community who can render dilevery services and/or ride

services to serve as their alternative for livelihood. The

GooZam Hub Management will be the one to onboard riders.

In terms of rider-GooZam relationship, GooZam will only get a

minimal amount for the management fee, to sustain the 

operations. The larger percentage goes to the rider.

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