Welcome to GooZam - Good Samaritan

GooZam offers a location-context mobile app that allows people to help people on-demand through its geovolunteering and crowdsource platform. Through the GooZam App, crowdsourced help, conventional response agencies, SMS contacts, GPS navigation and Facebook are invoked.


GooZam provides a solution for any distressed person to dial central 911 or like services, SMS those on their "Emergency Contact" list, post to their Fb timeline or Messenger if enabled, send notifications to registered volunteer(s), community agencies and or triage service hotlines to seek emergency rescue help.


The GooZam App also offers non-emergency help to users through services called "Good Deeds" (Deeds).

About the use of GooZam

Goozam provides an intellectual, messaging and geo-context logistical solution in the form of a mobile application that interacts with the GooZam Cloud. Registration is required to access the app features. Those who register as geovolunteers have to be approved by the app Administrator to receive service request notifications. The GooZam App settings are easily configurable by accessing the app menu.

The App is available for both Android and iOS.

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