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GooZam is a slang way of saying "Good Sam" which alludes to the deeds of the "Good Samaritan". As the organization and service offering suggest all are believed to be Good Samaritans in ways naturally understood to be one. GooZam is a supplemental first response mobile app and server infrastructure for Geovolunteers.

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Create, deploy and maintain an innovative mobile app and infrastructure that will change and revolutionize the volunteer service delivery model. Hosting and enabling on demand geovolunteering through its mobile software app that gives access to essential response volunteer services.


For every mobile device to have access to first response through the GooZam app!

Each of the mentioned below contribute to the GooZam Organization products portfolio on varying levels of partnership. These are dedicated workers, believers, volunteers and committed entities who are part of the product creation components.

GooZam Organization
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Please send a private email through our contact form with the Subject "Finance" to begin dialogue about GooZam Organization venture journey and direction.

Our organizational entity structure and form continues to evolve based on a journey of resources.

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